How Goes?

Posted by Boomer | Life | Friday 25 March 2011 6:28 pm

Howdy - How y’all be keeping yourselves?

This is not one of those apologetic posts that drips in regret from a lost blog nor is this a farewell. It is a long overdue explanation of what happened to this place.

I don’t have anything to do.

Back in the heyday of this blog, I was posting daily, writing like it was going out of style and it was because I was always busy doing something. On top of a job, I was biking or teaching or going to school or working overtime or something. Blogging was an escape or, more correctly, a literary form of procrastination. And while I may not be the best writer in my family, I *am* the very best at procrastination.

So I blogged.

As time went by, things started to disappear from the radar screen. My college shut down my teaching program due to economic hardship (the college itself may follow), I got the last of my degrees, and there is no overtime money. All that’s left is biking and I’m not motivated there like I used to be.

This phase will pass someday. When I get busy again, I’ll be back with more regularity. Until then, keep taking care of you.

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