Fight Like Susan

Posted by Boomer | Life | Sunday 8 November 2009 3:42 pm

You are looking at the proud owner of a 2010 Fat Cyclist jersey and it is so pretty.



And it is too freaking small.

I can wear it but breathing is optional. On the upside, it is a quality jersey because the stitches hold while I stuff the Hindenberg into a pillowcase. It can be done but it’s slow going.

That doesn’t matter. The reality is the cause this jersey represents is too important for aesthetics or personal comfort. The fight on cancer needs all of us. Working together, maybe someday our great grandchildren will read about cancer only in history books.

I’ll wear the jersey and take shallow breaths and will keep Fighting Like Susan.

(And if you have some spare change, head over to the LiveStong site and make a donation. Thanks much.)

Fight Like Susan

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