What I Am Not Today

Posted by Boomer | Life, Pix | Sunday 18 October 2009 1:03 pm

(This is one of those “lots of pictures” posts…just because.)

On a good ride on a nice autumn day, I got to contemplating what kind of rider be the old Boomer here and decided more about what I ain’t than what I am:

Carson River in Fall 2009

I’ll never be the Lance or Levi of the 50-something demographic. They’ve dedicated their whole existence to something far beyond my ability to reach.

No Trespassing

I will never be the conqueror of high mountains like Brent and Sandie. This asthmatic avoids situations where the air is thin.

Prison Hill in Fall 2009

I will never have the delts of a Fat Cyclist because I prefer to use a nutcracker to open walnuts and not my legs.

Eagle Valley in Fall 2009

I will never engage in the cross-continental insanity like Jill though it would be a serious kick in the butt to try. However, it would involve sleeping outside without electricity. And Starbucks. Never gonna happen.

Eagle Valley in Fall 2009 2

And I will never be a force for positive change in the community like Moser. (Dude, when are you running for office?)

Slide MT and the Desert Fall 2009

What does that leave? Not a lot.

Life is a Highway Fall 2009

I guess I bike because I like to take pictures of the sky and pretty trees.

Robinson Street in Fall 2009

Maybe I’ll have an attitude adjustment down the road, but for now, things are good.

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